i saw her standing there ...

Love is Dead is an action/puzzle game about love, death, pets, and pancakes. You and your lover are on a world-spanning mission to find your lost pets. Explore graveyards, cities, jungles, and beyond.

Spritual successor to the i saw her Flash game series that won the 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards’ Best Casual Game.

... but then she was a zombie

• Hundreds of lovingly hand-crafted levels set in 7 distinct environments
• Rescue your beloved pets, missing somewhere across the world
• Meet characters from different worlds – will you be friends, or enemies?
• Single player or local co-op, for those with a friend or sweetie
• Secrets and unlockables in a world brimming with discovery
• Beautiful toony art and music come alive in a bouncy, responsive world
• A new story from the award-winning i saw her series